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Tata Motors DVR. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. The Delhi government should refrain from giving freebies from "public money", the apex court said and warned that it would stop them from doing so as courts are not "powerless". If you will give freebies, we will stop you. You are fighting for a cause here and you want them to incur loss.

Do not give sops, it is public money," a bench of Justices Arun Mishra and Deepak Gupta told the lawyer appearing for Delhi government. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said in June that his government proposed to make metro and bus travel free for women in the national capital and the plan would be implemented within two-three months. The move by Delhi government came ahead of the Assembly election scheduled early next year. During the hearing, the top court said the Delhi government should not channelise its funds in this way. However, the counsel appearing for Delhi government said the proposal has not been implemented yet.

Global Women’s Freebies – Free Women's Stuff

The apex court dealt with three issues related to Phase-IV of Delhi metro -- bearing of operational loss, repayment of Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA loan in case of default and sharing of land cost -- which are yet to be resolved between the Centre and Delhi government. The bench said that operational loss, if any, in the Regarding sharing of land cost, the apex court accepted the submissions of Delhi government and directed that the land cost for the phase-IV project would be borne by the Centre and the Delhi government equally, in ratio.

It asked the authorities concerned to ensure that no delay is caused in the Phase-IV metro project and the total land cost of Rs 2, The bench directed the Centre and Delhi government to work out the modalities and release the amount of land cost within three weeks from today.

The Regarding the remaining three corridors of phase-IV, the bench on Friday said that it would hear the issue on September During the arguments, Delhi government's counsel told the bench that since the Centre and Delhi government are 50 per cent each shareholders in the special purpose vehicle for metro, the land cost should be borne by both of them in ratio. The counsel said that in earlier phases of DMRC, there was equal sharing of land cost between the Centre and Delhi government.

He said the Centre has come out with metro policy in as per which they are saying that they would not share the land cost. When the counsel referred to the issue of repayment of JICA's soft loan in case of default, the bench said, "Once you are giving sops and free facilities, the metro cannot bear this cost". He said the Centre came up with metro policy in and other states are covered under it.

The bench told Nadkarni that keeping in mind the special status of Delhi being the national capital, the Centre should resolve the issues so that the project is not delayed. When Nadkarni said that the court could direct the senior officers of the concerned departments of both the Centre and Delhi government to hold meeting and resolve the pending issues, the bench said, "No meeting now. It is order day. We cannot wait like this". The apex court had on July 12 ordered that phase-IV of metro, which is estimated to add around Of the Beware please dont fall for this.

Do you know we Womansfreebie are contacting you? Are you there? No why? There was appliances and other things Iwas so excited and almost crying. I herd the LORD say theres a catch calm down. I had said the LORD had told me those words. Thats when I did a google search. I als said I'm blocking you and unfollowing. The did it first lol lol. I will never try your site again cause I can never get through or never get any freebies, why not?

I want an answer ASAP!! I've never received anything,but a bunch of surveys. Please don't bother. Aint nothing for Free I aint been on the sight yet but im fixing to go and ck it out. I have registered over and over for two yrs.

37 Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff Online Today (Best Freebie Sites of 12222)

I still have yet to recieve anything!! They notified me on FB that I had won , plus kitchen appliences. They wanted my address and phone, ect. This info was actually in the application that was filled out. Now I know why my phone has been ringing off the hook with scams like the IRS scam that is going around now. Do NOT trust anyone who wants your information over the internet, especially fb If it were legit, they would call and set up a time to meet, here in the US, not some of these over seas people.

Actual conversation: Hello how are you doing? I'm ok I am a representative of the women freebies? Oh, ok Are you a fan of the womenfreebies? Do you know why you are been contacted? We all would like to say a big congratulations to you for Winning the Women freebies Sweepstakes!!!! We've already awarded millions of dollars in prizes, please keep in mind that we receive millions of entries everyday and all of winners are chosen completely at random ok Ok please note that you should keep your winnings private and confidential because we want to surprise your family and love ones and also for security purposes and we don't want anyone to double claim your winnings.

Reason being I want you to be safe I don't want anything to happen to you because if someone should know you're receiving this a large amount of money they probably would put your life in jeopardy or try to harm you so this is the main reason why I'm saying this is because I don't want you to let anyone know your business don't tell anyone your business for right now until we're through Our organization wants to know that at the end of the day you will be safe and your life will not be in jeopardy so that is the main reason why I'm saying to you I don't want you to mention anything to anyone I want you to keep it private because you know safety comes first and if someone knows that you're going to be receiving this large amount of money they are going to try an harm you etc.

Before I go further you need to know that This conversation is being monitored and recorded by the federal bureau of investigation and local law enforcements so information obtained from you will be kept private and confidential for security purposes. Are you there mam Chat Conversation End.

WomanFreebies Headquarters

Lets just say that they are a huge scam. I had 5 different customer service reps contact me at the same time.

All I have to do is give to western union guy Marvel Brown. Had a manger contact me, he called from jamaica and then texted from new west minister, BC. I asked if they would believe it wasnt a scam if I called them from another country. They were very insistent and quite rude that it was not a scam. So I let them think they were convincing me. Their manager told me to drop everything and run up to the closest western union and send the money.

I laughed a little because seriously who does that. I continued to pull at their time since they seem to think mine has no value and asked them exactly what I should do once I get to western union etc. So after wasting their time and hell a little of my time I told the manager that I needed to think about it. He reminded me that they would be coming out today with the prize so I needed to do it before they got there. I asked was it coming in a form of a check and he said whatever prize the customer service rep told you you were getting.

Managers response well except that. How can that be that I am getting it today per Manager, and about 3 days from customer service rep.?!?!? If that didnt scream scam I dont know what else would. Anyway I told the manager Im going to keep my hard earned money and he can shove the prize where the sun dont shine and never contact me again. I have screen shots of my message today from Jasmin Freebies. She contacted me the same way I've read in other's comments here. I have reported them to FB. And writing here also. I just may file a police report too!!

I received a instant message through facebook from Patricia Wilcox. She asked me how long I have been a fan of WomanFreebies and if I have ever received anything from them. We all would like to say a big congratulations to you!!! If you are a big fan of our company you should know that is not a joke or hoax but a reality also to let you know you have your legal rights to claim or forfeit!

Are you claiming or forfeiting? I told her that I am skeptical about this and would like to do the research on it before I give out any information. After reading the reviews on here, I went back and told her that it is a scam and to please not contact me anymore. All of a sudden she is no longer receiving messages from me. I hope that anyone that they try to do this to does the research before just giving out their personal information.

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These people are professional scammers. They know exactly what to say and how to say it to take advantage of people. So I read a cool article on their site and clicked like.

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A few minutes later I was getting instant messages from Marlow Leighton. She said I was the lucky winner. I played along. Which is really odd because no one really does COD's any more.

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They really don't even exist. She tried to use some fancy verbiage that I would get refunded. Which makes no sense since I just won over 1.